FEES - decluttering & organising

Initial Consultation - Free of charge

30-45 minutes


DIY Plan - £90

2 hours including a Recommendations Report.


For those who are able to declutter and organise themselves but need structured guidance together with a detailed plan of action.  A complete assessment will be carried out together with a consultation to understand your needs and obstacles.  

Single Session - £160 - £200

4 or 5 hours


Following an initial consultation, a fully assisted organising and decluttering session with a professional.  Making full use of the time available, one session is often adequate to transform an average-sized room or areaIt is an ideal taster session before booking further sessions.


Double Session - £360

10 hours


Two sessions will take place, usually within the same week.  Allowing for two sessions will ensure we can make a real impact and transform the space. A double session is often adequate to transform a large or very cluttered space.  You will be taught simple but effective organising systems and techniques to enable you to maintain the organisation.


Three Day Blitz - £510

15 hours


Three sessions are recommended if your home is quite cluttered and you need to make a noticeable change.  These sessions enable us to achieve a significant amount of decluttering, providing you with organisational systems that will change the day-to-day management of your home.

Total Transformation - £599

20 hours


The Total Transformation package is ideal if you need to organise and declutter several rooms of a small home. It is guaranteed* to transform your entire home and with the tools provided, ensure that you can maintain the organisation on a permanent basis.  Further sessions can be booked if required at the reduced rate of £30 per hour. 

* based on an average amount of clutter.


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